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Business IT Services

Businesses—of every size—need a computer infrastructure that is fast, reliable and secure.

Telepoint offers a variety of IT services to help you leverage technology to grow your business, manage operations more effectively and protect your company's information assets. We have everything you need to succeed in today's ever-evolving technological world.

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Computers + Networks

Computers + Networks

Telepoint can be your company's single source for computers, servers and local area networking.

Desktop technology

Telepoint specializes in business office technology. We provide "big business" expertise and service at a small business price. Our experienced staff of IT professionals ensures your business has the most reliable desktop technology to increase profit, boost productivity and minimize costs.

Servers and software

Servers are the information vaults and central command centers of your business information flow. If they fail, data access and communications comes to a grinding halt. That is why they should always get the most attention. The processor and the storage need to be up-to-date and relatively new if you want to maximize uptime. Likewise, the software must be kept current and compatible with the hardware. With the growing importance of email, a reliable Internet platform is critical. Telepoint has programs that are specifically structured to make sure your server is in good running shape at all times.


Technology is constantly evolving. Some programs and equipment become obsolete. Telepoint can help your business plan for updates in phases, so they are integrated in a manner that makes sense from a staffing, time management and budgetary standpoint.

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Structured Wiring

Structured Wiring

The wiring installation is one of the most important aspects of any local area network (LAN) for your computers or a reliable telecommunications system. A solid wiring plan provides a business with years of problem-free service and can save them money on future upgrades and changes.

Telepoint has been designing and installing structured wiring systems and computer rooms for over 20 years. We have vast knowledge of fiber optics, category 6 and category 5e, as well as patch panels and data racks. We'll determine the best wiring plan for your business so any moves, add-ons or changes can be as simple as a plug-and-play system.

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Internet Services

Internet Services

Telepoint offers two main Internet options:

High-speed Internet/broadband services

High-speed Internet and broadband services have improved and become more available in recent years. T-1s, DSL and cable modem are all viable Internet gateway options for businesses. Telepoint's network specialists can help you determine exactly which package would make the most business sense for your company and then assist you in finding the best price from the best carrier.


Wireless Ethernet routers and access points are becoming very popular in today's business world. They are giving businesses easy access to network resources and the Internet without the need to plug into a wired network connection. The convenience they provide, however, can come with pitfalls as well. Data security and range of service are just a couple of the important factors to consider before implementing this developing protocol. Telepoint's network engineers will provide you with relevant information about the latest wireless technologies to help you determine if adding wireless networking technology to your IT enterprise makes sense.

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Successful businesses prosper because they know which business functions to perform in-house—and which ones to outsource. Telepoint works with Central Indiana businesses that have realized that IT is not a business function they can effectively manage internally.

Our consulting and design services team will identify your specific needs, guide you through the myriad of options and help you find the best outsourcing solution. Take advantage of our years of experience and extensive knowledge base of products and services. We'll ensure your business leverages technology to the fullest. And you can focus on doing the business at hand.

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Tech Support + Repair

Tech Support + Repair

If you're like most businesses, it's mission critical that your computer and IT department is up and functioning. Outsourcing your technical computer support and repair can save you time and money. Telepoint provides managed IT service to businesses in Indianapolis and surrounding Indiana cities with 5 to 100 employees. Our simple approach and affordable pricing to IT outsourcing and computer support make it easy to have your very own IT department when you need it.

If you answer yes to any of these questions below, it's time to outsource your IT tech support to a reliable provider like Telepoint:

  • Waiting for your computer repair consultant to find time for you?
  • Have a major technical problem and can't get a hold of anyone?
  • Are you locked in because only the consultant knows all the IT technical "keys" to your network?
  • Is it a hassle every time you need a computer repair or technical support?
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Supporting our customers long after the sale

We remotely monitor the critical aspects of every phone system and computer's security and performance around the clock, allowing us to anticipate and correct many issues before they occur. With Telepoint, you have the peace of mind that we're as invested in your company as you are.

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Customer service and support

We're in your neighborhood. Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, we're locally owned and managed, giving our customers the benefit of working with people they can get to know personally.

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Telepoint—serving the Central Indiana region for more than 25 years—provides phone system solutions and IT services to businesses. Just one call gets all of your IT and telecom needs met.

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